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We Provide Detailed and Reliable Digital Reports

Attention to Detail


At Ratcliffe Home Inspections DONE RIGHT, we inspect from the top to the bottom and everything in between. We serve Residential and Multi-Unit Residential, Condominiums, Pre-Listing properties and Pre-Sale properties.


We Provide Detailed
Home Inspection Reports

Property Overview

Each home inspection report provides an overview of the house or condominium on the day that we inspect.

Identify Potential Expenses

Our home inspections identify potentially significant short-term expenses with recommendations for repairs, estimated costs and priorities.

Home Reference Manual

When you order a home inspection report you will receive a digital Home Reference Manual which contains a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist. A very handy resource.


When we inspect a home that you are considering for purchase, we inspect from outside to inside and top to bottom. We don’t want you to find surprises shortly after moving in.  You are making an expensive decision that requires us to be meticulous and thorough during our inspection.


Things that we have found in the past include; taps plumbed backwards (Hot was labelled Cold and Cold labelled Hot), Heating ducts made of duct tape, decks built in an unsafe manner, unsealed penetrations from the garage to the house, light switches that have no purpose.

As a homeowner its wise to do periodic inspections of your home by a Certified Canadian Home Inspector before you decide to list your property for sale. Doing so will alert you of any problems, potential or actual, that if dealt with proactively can save you considerable expenses downstream. And, this instills confidence for you as well as potential buyers. Our inspections focus on maintenance because prospective buyers want to know that renovations have been completed properly to avoid surprises within months of moving in.


Selling is different for everyone.  With our background in renovating, home construction and customer service, we can help you confidently show your home at it’s best with answers to potential questions already in hand. We provide a detailed digital report on the condition of all the major systems and components of your home. See the procedures page for full details.


IT’S THE LAW… when selling, you must never knowingly or accidentally misrepresent the condition of your home. Having a professionally certified Home Inspector report provides the consumer a clear understanding and full disclosure which keeps you out of harms way.

In Ontario and certainly the GTA market, Condominiums have many features that need to be looked at, which the unit owner must be compliant with. As condo units tend to be small, many inspectors will do their inspection of the unit quickly. This logic however doesn’t always hold muster as some condo units require a special attention to detail.


Things that are often overlooked are mismatched flooring colours, trim misaligned, door fitment and potential or existing plumbing issues.


All are things that you should know prior to purchasing. Therefore, having this information in hand will allow you to ask questions and make an informed decision prior to purchasing.

Almost all new homes are covered by the Tarion New Home Warranty, which requires several inspections to take place at specific times of ownership.


With our background, we look for the mistakes, flaws, and omissions that have the potential to cause bigger issues later in your ownership.


Our written report supports your claim under the terms of your warranty.


Condo Unit
< 1500 $325 $340
1500 – 2000 $340 $360
>2000 $375 $400
Single Family House
< 2500 $425 $465
2501 – 3000 $450 $500
3001 – 3500 $475 $550
3501 – 4000 $525 $625
4001 – 4500 $575 $700
4501 – 5000 $625 $750
> 5000 $675+ $825+
Quick On-Site Test $50/test
Short Test (1-3 Months) $100/test
Long Test (12 Months) $200/test


✔  13% HST will be added to our pricing.

✔  Pricing is subject to change for complex homes, examples being Multiple Furnaces, Stacked Townhouses, Sun-rooms.

✔  A fee of $50 may be applied for each Apartment inside the Single-Family Home.

✔  Please call for pricing to inspect Multi-Unit Residential Buildings.

✔  Single Family Home includes the following types of property: Detached, Semi-Detached, Freehold or Townhouse.

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